Gemma & Daz {Wedding at Shearsby Bath}

Wedding at Shearsby Bath

Gemma and Daz got married in a lovely wedding at Shearsby Bath. It was a definitely a family centred wedding and lots of fun. Gemma and Daz have two kids (and another one on the way at the time of writing this) and their kids were very much a part of their wedding, as can be seen with some of Gemma’s selection in her top 5 favourite photos. I love this new feature I have added to blog posts. Its really interesting to see what photos my couples pick as their favourites as they are not always the same as my favourites.

Us photographers naturally lean towards the photos with the good light, and pretty composition or interesting story. But the personal elements that are added to a photo to give it that extra layer of meaning are so interesting. For example, one of Gemma’s favourites is a little family photo of the 4 of them just after the ceremony. The light is not great and the background was not ideal. I knew I would get a technically better shots of them with a cleaner background later on. However, this is one of Gemma’s favourites because it is the first family photo of the together as the Clarkes. I didn’t see it in the same way, and I love that!!

Another one is Gemma and Daz entering the reception room for the first time. My first shot was not technically perfect. But to Gemma and Daz, it is filled with memories of when they saw their guests for the first time, and how wonderful and special that moment was. You can read more of why Gemma chose her favourites below. I normally say 5. But I am letting Gemma get away with 7.


Gemma’s Favourite Five (plus two extra!)


We love this photo of our babies walking down the aisle together, they were the first to walk down and couldn’t wait to show off what they were wearing. This was the only photo where Darren turned around!


During the ceremony! A chilled looking Daz, and a pretending to be calm trying to keep it together looking Gemma!


This photo we love as it was our very first family photo together as “The Clarkes!”


Mr & Mrs Clarke! Let the celebrations begin, I was pretty over whelmed when walking in at this point. I remember thinking I cannot believe we have just tied the knot and all our family and friends are here to party with us! I was on cloud 9


I love how happy and in love we look here! One of my favs of us together during the day.


The kids getting into the swing of things during the evening party, having a wicked time, they were pretty much on the stage and in the photo booth the majority of the night!


Your trick paid off Kathryn! Arguably one of our favourite photos and sums up the end of a perfect day, we had such a laugh doing this, and took a few takes but got there in the end, absolutely fab!

A happy Day:

There was certainly a lot of joy and laughter at this wedding. From the morning preparations where Gemma and her girls were getting hair and makeup done at home (it was a busy buzzing household!) right through to the evening celebrations with lots of dancing and a brilliant confetti canon on the dance floor. The children had a wonderful time playing in the photo booth and jumping off the stage. They were definitely very much in their element. Gemma and Darren obliged me with an experimental sparkler photo (which I hadn’t attempted for a few years) and despite the drinks consumed before this point, I think their friends did very well forming the letters!! Yay!

Video Fusion:

Gemma and Daz booked my video fusion package, which meant they added a little movie. This consisted of me taking a few film clips in between snapping stills and I put it together to a little song. It was lots of fun and you can see the finished result at the bottom of this post.

36 Photos:

So I have curated a post with my favourite 36 (like a roll of film) a different selection to Gemma and Darren’s favourites. But these are some of the photos that I particularly like. They tell the story of the day for me, and remind me of parts of the day that were really lovely (and they have pretty light and nice composition!) I loved Gemma and Dad’s pug, who wandered around the house in the morning, looking fairly bewildered at all the fuss going on around him. He was delightful and I got a few cute snaps. I have a dog myself, so if there is a cute dog in the house, I will take photos!

Neave looked so cute and pleased with her outfit as she walked down the stairs to show it off, a beautiful princess. I love the smile on her face! Jude was a little more camera shy. But I got him to pose for me outside for some cool shots of him in his cute little outfit. The photo of Gemma’s mum in the ceremony, cracking up about something. I basically love a good laughing shot. And this photo encompasses much of the joy about the day that I loved. The indoor family photos. We decided to do the group photos inside to keep dry as it had started to rain. I normally prefer to do them outdoors. But I was really pleased as the backdrop was perfect and the light was good.

Beautiful decor and beautiful light:

Oh my! The decor was beautiful. The sumptuous colours and the flowers on the tables just looked absolutely gorgeous. All put together by Charlotte and her team at Princess Occasions (link below) It all can together beautifully! I loved photographing all the table details. So pretty. Another oh my! To the beautiful light in the car park. I think Gemma and Daz were perhaps a bit perplexed about me wanting to take pictures of them in the carpark. But I just pointed the camera upwards, and the light through the trees was gorgeous. Gemma and Daz were happy and relaxed and I love the resulting portraits!

Do enjoy my selection below and watch the slide show at the bottom of the post if you’d care to see more from their day.

Credit where credit is due:

Dress: Mi Amor Bridal | Flowers: Blooms 4 You | Venue: Shearsby Bath | Cake: Bumble Cottage Cake | Venue Styling and table arrangements: Princess Occasions | Hair: Rachel Liney | Makeup: Kelly Moody





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