Virtual Photoshoot

My Virtual Photoshoot Marathon

This is week 3 of my virtual photoshoot marathon! And I am loving it! I first discovered the magic of virtual photoshoots via my friend Tim Dunk, who has been doing these types of photos since Lockdown #1. I had been admiring his photos for almost a year before I plucked up the courage to have my own shoot (I shall include a few at the bottom of this post) and after I did, I decided to give it a go myself. It is safe to say I have fallen in love with virtual photography and the way I can use remote photography to create amazing portraits.

Travelling the world without leaving the house

3 weeks on and I have been to the other side of the world in Chile with a friend, hanging with trapeze artist Kate up in Glasgow and just around the corner in Nottingham, all without leaving the house! The joy of the virtual photoshoot is that you need nothing more than your own phone, some window light and a tin of beans. If you get in touch for your own shoot, I shall explain all. But it is really simple! I connect to your phone, tell you where to put it and where to stand and the fun begins. Thats all there is to having a remote photoshoot. You provide the phone and I do all the work!

Here are a few of my latest virtual photoshoots. You can also see more on my previous two blogs on this subject remote portraits and more virtual portraits here.. And for daily updates you can follow me on instagram.




Sammi leaning into camera virtual portraits
virtual photoshoot
Sammi sitting on her chair next to clothing manikin in her sewing room in a virtual photoshoot


Virtual portraits - Chrissie laughing into camera
Chrissie sitting by window, looking out. Arms around knees
virtual photoshoot - Chrissie sitting forward in red armchair looking to camera


Kate hanging upside down on a trapeze, flame orange hair. In a virtual photoshoot via iPhone

Becky & Dan

couple embrace for portraits via phone photo shoot
Virtual photoshoot - couple heads together. Dan looking at camera, Becky eyes closed head against dan's.


Victoria head turned to window, hair down over her shoulders. in remote phone photos
Virtual Photoshoot - Victoria sitting on her window ledge, white blinds down.
Virtual photoshoot - Victoria standing by her beautiful curtain, with fern prints on it. looking out of the window.


Virtual photoshoot - close up of Amy in beautiful window light
Amy sat in an armchair looking out of the window. Beautiful light on her face.
Amy same as before, different angle.


Virtual photoshoot - boudoir image. Woman standing by window. Beautifully lit
Virtual photoshoot - boudoir pose, in heels and underwear
Virtual photoshoot -  boudoir photo in window light


Claire sat on bed for phone photos via Shutterapp technology
Virtual photoshoot - Claire looking out of window
Cat photobombing picture of Claire, sat on edge of photo. Cat jumping from window to sofa. Remote photography


Virtual photoshoot - Graham in window in his office. In front of window, lit by lamp. Black and white
Virtual photoshoot - Graham in window light. Close up portrait
Virtual photoshoot with Graham who is a portrait photographer himself. Portraits hanging on wall behind him. Black and white photo.

Karen & James

Karen in her living room
Karen and James embrace on edge of sofa, beautifully lit. Virtual portraits
Virtual photoshoot - Jame in Chair by window looking to camera


Virtual photoshoot - Marie standing by window
Virtual photoshoot of Marie sitting in chair by window.
Virtual photoshoot - closeup of Marie in window light

Kathryn (by Tim)

The Photographer, photographed by Tim Dunk in a virtual photoshoot
The Photographer, photographed by Tim Dunk in a virtual photoshoot standing by window in partial silhouette. Snow falling outside.
The Photographer, photographed by Tim Dunk in a virtual photoshoot, in cardigan and knickers looking out of window.

My own experience:

I really enjoyed my own photoshoot with Tim (above) Firstly, I think if you are going to take virtual photographs it is useful to have experience on the other side too! Also it is fair to say I enjoyed the experience. It was really nice to actually brush my hair and put some makeup on! Furthermore, its also something different to do in lockdown, for not much more than the cost of a takeaway! So, grab the app. Give me a call, and book in a remote session!

Get in touch for your own virtual photoshoot



Virtual Photoshoots in motion:

If you want to see a lovely selection of the virtual photo sessions I have done so far, take a look at the video below. I’m looking forward to continuing this adventure even outside of the pandemic restrictions. As it is so much fun! Watch to see more, and get in touch to book your own virtual portraits! 

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