Hey there! I am Kathryn and I absolutely bloomin' love weddings!

I love telling your story with my camera. I love the little chats with grandmas and sharing a story of your childhood with your mum, and learning that you've got a dog too and you also love watching Stranger Things and eating chocolate a bit too much!

Getting to know my couples is one of the true pleasures of my job and I guess thats what makes me keep on doing what I do.

Other things that make me squeel a little bit at a wedding: Rustic barns, flower crowns, barefoot brides, vintage dresses, wedding wellies, sweetie carts (obvs) and laid back vibes. 

This is my dog


He loves a good chase and has a penchant for toast

A bit about me and mine... 

This is my son


He loves dancing and dressing up and chatting a lot!

This is my boyfriend


He is an artist and his paintings are all over our house

This is me


I love dancing. Lindy hop and Charleston are my thing but I will be first on the dance floor if the music makes me want to move my feet!