Photography and Me

My storySometimes people ask me how I got into photography. It is different for every photographer, and some will say they have always loved taking pictures and they had a camera in their hand since they were 5 years old etc… For me it was a little different.


I was 30 when I discovered that I loved photography. It was actually like photography found me rather than the other way around, which I love. I have always believed that life will take you where you let it, and I have always followed my passions. So I actually started off my career as an actress. I lived in London for 8 years following my dream (well trying to. If you know any jobbing actors, you will realise that a lot of it involves a good deal of waitressing in your ‘resting’ periods!) I developed excellent people skills, which I bring to my photography today. So, whilst still following my ‘dream’ of being an actress, I found myself the guest at nine weddings in one year! Yes nine! So, at the first wedding (a pagan affair in the woods in the heart of Belgium) I was helping my friend the bride get ready, and just before she walked along the grass to meet her groom, she said, Kathryn, run and get my camera out of my car. I got her camera, and swiftly asked what she wanted me to do with it (never having even owned a camera of my own at this point!) She said I was to hand it to someone to take pictures. Who? Oh anyone. I must point out here that this is NOT the way to organise one’s photography at one’s wedding. But I hope since you have got this far. You are not quite so laid back to leave your photography to a friend! I can point you to many a cautionary tale on this as well! This is not one of them I might add. So with the camera in my hand, and not sure entirely who I should give it to, I decided to have a go, and spent the whole day behind the lens, taking pictures of all the beauty of her wedding. That was the moment I fell in love with photography. At each of the other eight weddings I went to that year (the others actually had hired professionals thank goodness) I begged, borrowed (and didn’t actually steal, but certainly bugged a few wedding photographers!) a camera to take pictures. I had caught the bug. Or perhaps the bug had caught me. It was a couple of years after that that I actually took the plunge into wedding photography myself. I started taking actors portraits, and still do this now. Then I attended Lisa Devlin’s amazing Photography Farm and that is what gave me the push I needed to get out there and shoot weddings. My business grew quite quickly and within a year, I was taking enough bookings to go full time. My life had taken a turn, and I didn’t look back. I absolutely love photographing weddings. From all the little details and emotions, to the candid shots of bridesmaids in fits of giggles and your dad ‘dad dancing’ on the dance floor at the end of the night. I love stories. I like telling them and I like recording them. This is definitely a common thread through my life from childhood. I may not have had a camera in my hand at 5 years old, but I always loved stories. I studied English Literature in my degree because I loved stories so much, went on to train as an actress to tell stories on the stage, and now I am telling stories through my photography. I feel very lucky to have found what is just about the perfect job for me.