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Nottingham Boudoir Photography:

My boudoir photography is as subtle as it is sexy. You will get a photo shoot lasting around 2 hours as well as professional hair and makeup. I use a venue in Nottingham which has beautiful window light. Creating perfect shadows for that tasteful and classy shot.

Due to the sensitive nature of the photos (nobody wants pictures of themselves in their underwear plastered all over the web!) I can’t post many photos online. However, if you are seriously interested in doing a shoot of this kind with me do get in touch. I can show you a private gallery of examples when you email me.


Prices range from £300-£475, depending on if you are wanting professional hair and makeup added on. This includes a 1.5 hours shoot at a luxury venue, with all edited images from the shoot (at least 100 images) in a password protected gallery. Venue hire is included in the price. Please get in touch for details and availability.

Previous ladies have created a small photo book to present to their husband to be on the wedding morning, and I must say, it went down better than an expensive watch!

Learning the art of boudoir

My first foray into the art of boudoir photography took place in 2015 at my beloved photography farm. I was taught by the amazing Tigz Rice, and was instantly hooked in the beauty of this type of photography. I have since even posed myself for some boudoir photos (I think its important to know how it feels to be on the other side of the camera) So I can totally appreciate how nerve-racking it is and how brave you are to do a shoot like this. However, I can assure you it is one of the best things you can do for your confidence and self esteem. My job is to make you look and feel beautiful in all your womanly curves and wobbly bits (hey, we all have them!) Get in touch if you’d like to chat more.

The venue:

I use a luxury venue in Nottingham for my boudoir shoots. The house has a beautiful rustic charm and the room I use is sumptuous and comfortable and has windows on all sides for me to control the light. I like to play with light and shadows in my photography and use natural window light to create the most flattering photographs.

Show as much or as little as you like:

My ladies sometimes come with very specific ideas of what they would like me to capture. And some don’t really know and just want to see what we can get. I have a Pinterest board with inspiration and ideas that I will share with you before the shoot. You may also want to create your own to share with me and that is fine too.



Photography Farm {The Art Of Boudoir with Tigz Rice}

Some photos from my first foray into boudoir photography. Taught by Tigz Rice.

Vintage boudoir Photography in Nottingham by Kathryn Edwards Photography

Photography Farm

There is a magical little place in my heart and in the depths of Surrey called Photography Farm. The brain child of Lisa Devlin, the Farm is a haven for photographers to practice and hone their skills. In an amazing environment surrounded by some of the best and most inspiring photographers in the industry. I started my journey here at the first ever Photography Farm back in 2011. I had such an amazing three days learning and honing my craft and business. And I have remained in touch with this close community of photographers ever since.
Once a year, Lisa Devlin runs Farm Week at Photography Farm. For an entire week, you can attend workshops run by some of the best photographers from the UK and across the pond. Last year I attended Adam’s flash course, as well as a 1:1 with Lee Robbins. This year, I decided to attend Tigz Rice’s Art of Boudoir workshop.

Something new

I had never done any boudoir photography so this was a real taste of something different for me and I absolutely loved it. I have always been drawn to the female form in art and photography, having done some life drawing in the past, as well as posing for artists and photographers myself many years ago. Tigz chatted to us about how she runs her very successful business, giving us many tips along the way, and then we had the whole afternoon to photograph two beautiful women in the amazing attic rooms at the Farm. It was so much fun. Tigz is an absolute master of her craft and it was fantastic seeing her at work in the way she posed her models. We were also given the task of attempting to pose each other into certain ‘pin-up’ positions (taken from pictures of the Taschen Pin-up calendar) without showing the picture or physically manipulating the other person. This was a real challenge in communication and a lot harder than it sounds!

Light and shadow

I enjoyed playing with the light and shadow that these ancient dark rooms with tiny windows provided in abundance. The natural light was gorgeous, creating lovely light and shade in which to pose our models.
Just from looking at the back of my camera, I was excited to get back and edit my pictures. I posted a little sneak peek on my Facebook business page the next day and to my delight, received my first ever booking for a boudoir shoot, which I will be doing in April. Bring it on! So, thanks Tigz for teaching me something new, and I hope to do more of this in the future.

Get in touch

Do get in touch if you fancy some sexy pictures! I’m also looking forward to doing a little shoot swap with one of the photographers I met on the course, and having some sexy pictures myself. So here are some of my photos from this year’s Farm Week at Photography Farm. I look forward to what’s in store at the next one! And a final thank you to the amazing models Luna and Felicity, who I think you’ll agree look stunning.
 Nottingham boudoir photographer Kathryn Edwards


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