Wedding Photography at The Old Vicarage Boutique Hotel

Bride and groom looking at each other and laughing. Holding hands

Wedding Photography at The Old Vicarage Boutique Hotel:

I have really enjoyed revisiting this wedding for my blog. It was so interesting to read over Laura and Conor’s comments on their favourite images, which you can view below. I have also posted up my favourite 36, although I found it very hard to narrow it down. There were so many lovely fun moments at this wedding, and it was such a pleasure to be doing their wedding photography at The Old Vicarage Boutique Hotel. A lovely intimate venue in Southwell.

Laura and Conor’s favourite five:

I asked Laura and Conor to pick their favourite five images from their wedding. They told me why those particular images meant so much to them. It was such a pleasure to read over their comments. It really hit home how personal photography is to the couple you are photographing. Whilst I don’t always know the back stories. Some moments captured really emphasise those stories to my couple, and the relationships they hold dear. Here are Laura and Conor’s picks from their wedding photography at The Old Vicarage Boutique Hotel.


Conor says:

While waiting for everyone to get seated and as I was waiting nervously for Laura to arrive. It was a relief to have my best man stand with me and keep me distracted by making me laugh. This definitely helped with the nerves. It was fitting, as I was his best man at his wedding and had done the same thing. This therefore meant a lot to me to have him there and to have this moment captured.

Wedding Photography at The Old Vicarage Boutique Hotel: groom and bestman wait for bride


Conor says:

It meant a lot to me to have all my best friends together on my wedding day. They are all from different times of my life, from around the world. Many had not met before my stag do. Being able to see them all together getting on and enjoying themselves meant a lot to me. They all kept me calm and pre-occupied in the morning before the ceremony to keep my nerves at bay. To have us all together getting ready and just being lads meant a lot.

Groom and his groomsmen looking suave in suits at The Old Vicarage Boutique hotel


Laura says:

We absolutely adore this photo. It was taken right after the ceremony had finished and just captures everyone’s happiness. We were so happy walking out as husband and wife to everyone and seeing all the smiles and hearing the cheers. As the bride and groom it really does make the day extra special to feel the love and warmth from everyone. Following this photo was the first time I got to speak to friends and family. So it was a very special moment.

Bride and groom leaving The hotel being covered in confetti. Smiling happy faces


Laura says:

We love this photo, as Conor and I both live far away from our families. Conor’s are down south and mine live in the midlands. They had all only met in the weeks leading up to the wedding. Even though we have been together for over 5 years, it was impossible to get everyone together at the same time. This photo may be the only time we get everyone together. It was so special to have them all there. I also love this photo as my dad doesn’t drink and hasn’t done for over 30 years. Yet in most of the photos he has a prosecco in his hand. I am not sure if he was drowning his sorrows of no longer being the number 1 man in my life or celebrating that he finally got rid of me.

Wedding Photography at The Old Vicarage Boutique Hotel


Laura says:

The one thing I was sure on in regards to the wedding was who my Bridal party would be. These beautiful women have been by my side for a long time. There was no way I could get married without them. I have different friendships with all of them and have shared many different life experiences with them. They are my rocks. One of the best thing about them is they all know each other and have done for a longtime. They all get on so well and it was just laughter between us all all day. This made everything so special. To have this photo means the world to me as it is not often we all get together now. They are all my best friends and Kathryn really has captured our love and happiness for each other.

Wedding Photography at The Old Vicarage Boutique Hotel: Bridesmaids

What was the best decision you made about your wedding day? (advice to future couples)

The best decision we made was to have the ceremony and reception in the same venue. This saved costs as no transport was needed throughout the day. Our guests all told us that staying in the same place made the day so much more special for them. They could relax and stay in the wedding buzz all-day. We also decided to get a venue that we could stay over the night before. Our parents, the two best men and my two maid of Honours all stayed over with us. This made it so special. To be able to wake up and have breakfast with them. It also reduces any stress of having to be ready for photographs and transport on the morning of the wedding (a blessing for the bride).

Is there anything you would do differently? (advice to future couples)

One thing that we realised is it is very easy to over order things. As the Bride and Groom you want every guest to be happy and catered for. You can over decorate, spend so much money on favours etc. None of which you really need to do. We kept most things small and simple. The one thing we would do different is not to over do the food. We had canapés, wedding breakfast, pizza and then an Italian dessert table. This didn’t get touched as everyone was stuffed. Our advice would be keep it simple. Your guests will have a great day regardless.

Can you remember how you found out about Kathryn Edwards Photography?

We had looked at a lot of photographers,What stood out to us about Kathryn is the way she captured those special moments that you don’t get to see as the Bride and Groom. My husband and I are not very good posers and we really wanted someone that just captured us having fun. The option of having another photographer alongside Kathryn was what sold us. It meant whilst we were being captured by Kathryn our guests were also getting captured having fun.

The best of the rest:

How delightful to read Laura and Conor’s feedback. Here are some of my favourite pictures. There was so much love and fun at this wedding and it was just an absolute joy to photograph. For more images please see the slide show at the bottom of the post.

Credit where credit is due:

Venue: The Old Vicarage Boutique Hotel | Dress: Beautiful Brides (Rebecca Ingram)  | Flowers: Zinc Floral Design | Hair: Alison Jenner | Makeup: Francesca Tuitt | Cake: Pasticceria Lorena | DJ: Mark Elliott | Second Shooter: Mark

Groom getting ready - looking in mirrorClose up of groom putting on shoesSilhouette of groom doing up tie next to windowFlower girl holding bride's shoe at The Old Vicarage Boutique HotelBride applying mascara in mirror


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