Winter Weddings Part 2 – Notes from a Florist

Winter Weddings – Part 2

Following on from my last winter weddings blog, which you can read here. This time I have some useful tips coming from one of my fave florists Flowers on Main Street. As I mentioned in my last post, I really wanted to put something together about the magic of a winter wedding. Mainly to reassure couples who are having to postpone their summer wedding this year to a safer time that winter weddings can be wonderful. I was meaning to post all this information to my blog last winter, but life got in the way. I posted a few instagram stories with some “ask the experts” tips. And I never got around to blogging the piece. So here we are, in the midst of a rather strange Spring and what would normally be the start of a busy wedding season for me, and instead I am postponing more and more of my lovely weddings.

Don’t worry

I want to tell all my couples, and anyone else who has had to postpone their wedding due to this pandemic not to worry. In fact I read a wonderful instagram post from one of my winter brides last year Abi (pictured above). She shared some lovely words of wisdom along with some of her wedding photos. She has given me permission to quote her. So I am sharing some of her comforting and reassuring words with you all. By the way, Flowers on Main Street were responsible for Abi’s beautiful flowers (pictured below)

Abi says:

My heart aches for all the couples having to postpone their weddings. I know how much thought goes into these special days and how exciting the build-up is. I would have been gutted to delay ours. However from personal experience, I do want to say, winter weddings can be amazing. So if you’re thinking of going for the end of the year rather than next summer, here are some tips!

The weather

The odds are, it’s going to be bad which means you can plan for it! Make sure the venue accommodates all guests, that you have umbrellas to hand, blankets, etc. Then when the sun does come out, it feels amazing! *see above*

People don’t have as many diary clashes in the winter months so all of our guests could make it! (and the venue was a LOT cheaper compared to summer rates!) Make sure you start early as there’s little natural light for your photographer to get good shots. We started at 12 and ended at 1am. Makes the day last even longer which is really important as it all goes by so quickly!! 😍



I’m so happy I had my £25 Primark fluffy coat as standing outside in the November rain and wind was a lot more fun with it on…! Embrace the amazing autumnal colours or Christmas lights. We went for rich dark colours and I love how atmospheric it was.

Candles, fairy lights, low lighting… Creates a lovely warm effect for the evening.

We got married the weekend of Bonfire Night and were lucky enough to be within view of the local fireworks, which made it so special.

Give your guests permission to layer up! I did find it hard to find bridesmaid dresses for the winter so I gave mine lovely soft scarves to go over the top.

Lastly, whatever the season, you’re going to have the best day!! ❤️

*Thanks for letting me share this Abi. Great advice!*

Flowers on Main Street

Lastly, I would like to hand over to Flowers on Main Street, with some great tips about your wedding flowers in winter.

Do you do many winter weddings?

We still do more in summer than winter (as expected) but we do seem to be getting more and more enquiries for the winter months as time goes on.

Would you say Winter weddings are more or less popular this year or about the same? 
More popular this year (2019) – especially in November!
Does your price package change in winter?
The only difference is that the price of Roses – depending on colour – tends to rise when closer to Christmas which can affect the overall package price in turn.


What are the biggest challenges of a winter wedding? 
The time of year – if the wedding falls over the Christmas period, it’s a lot harder to source fresh flowers.
What are the best things about a winter wedding? 
The colours that are often chosen for wedding flowers tend to be more vibrant during the winter months with more reds, golds, green etc – but this is often due to personal preference as Spring/Summer can have a great colour spectrum too! It’s also easier to keep the flowers looking their best as the temperature is cooler.
Any tips for couples getting married in the colder months? 
Choose seasonal flowers where possible; for example foliage and berries, or perhaps even a festive wreath in December.

I have one more blog post coming. From a wedding venue. I will link to all from here once I have posted it. Watch this space…

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