Wedding Photography at Knockerdown Cottages | Alex & Josh

Wedding Photography at Knockerdodwn Cottages: Bride and groom pose in front of backdrop of Peak District

Wedding Photography at Knockerdown Cottages

I was delighted to be photographing Alex and Josh’s wedding at Knockerdown Cottages in July last year. It came about through Mamad at Twig & Vine Photography. The pandemic, along with all the various restrictions Boris has thrown at us over the last couple of years, has meant that the wedding industry has been thrown into relative chaos. Weddings being postponed left right and centre. With wedding photographers trying to juggle bookings and make sure nobody misses out.

Luckily we are a tight bunch and all really friendly and helpful. It has been delightful to see all the wedding photographers jumping in to help each other out. I have taken over a couple of weddings for Mamad, and I have had some of my own weddings that I have had to pass over to other photographers. But in the end, our couples come first and we make damn sure we deliver amazing photographs for them no matter what!

So, that brings me to Alex and Josh’s gorgeous wedding at Knockerdown Cottages. Mamad wasn’t available for the postponed date, so I rocked up to photograph their wedding. And I am so pleased I did because it was absolutely amazing. Alex and Josh welcomed me with open arms and their family and friends were amazing too. It was a gorgeous day with so many special moments that I feel so lucky to have been able to witness as well as photograph.

Walking down the aisle

One of my favourite moments of the day was in the evening. Alex and her dad were having a little private moment. I could see them chatting on the steps and couldn’t resist moving in for some intimate photographs. I asked if I could take some photos and they told me what they were talking about. Apparently, Alex’s dad used to take her to football matches as a kid and they used to talk about her wedding plans. When she got married one day and how he would skip down the aisle with her.

The outdoor ceremony at Knockerdown Cottages had rather a long walkway for them to do this and it was lovely photographing them walking down the aisle. But as they were chatting in the evening on the steps they said they would like to re-create the walk again and remember it. I asked if I could photograph them do that and they were happy to let me. It was honestly one of the most moving and delightful moments I have have had the pleasure of photographing. You can see photos below. I’ll post one here too…

Bride and her dad at Knockerdown cottages

A magical day

I loved photographing Alex and Josh’s wedding. There were plenty of magical moments throughout the day that made it super special. I loved how Alex and Josh were getting ready in adjacent cottages, which meant that I could nip back and forth between them for photos. But also meant I got to capture a lovely pre-wedding photo of them in the doorways of their cottages without them seeing each other. I thought it would make a great photo, and I loved that they were so close to each other and could talk to each other but couldn’t see each other.

Bride and groom at Knockerdown cottages, in their separate doorways prior to ceremony

Thank you

Thank you Alex and Josh for being amazing and accepting me as your new wedding photographer amidst the chaos of the Corona years. I am so pleased you had the wedding of your dreams, that it eventually came to fruition and that I was available to witness such a gorgeous day. I hope to return to this lovely venue again one day as it really is a gorgeous spot for a wedding! Check out the rest of our pictures below. My wedding photography at Knockerdown Cottages.


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