Wedding Photography at Thorpe Garden | Millie & Alex

Wedding Photography at Thorpe Garden - Alex and Millie laughing together

The wedding at last…

Millie & Alex booked me pre-pandemic for their wedding photography at Thorpe Garden. They had to postpone a couple of times over the following years as they wanted to invite all their friends and family without the Covid restrictions that were in place whenever they tried to book their special day. In fact it had been so long since they booked me that they had already been married officially and so the wedding I photographed was a blessing that their friends and family could witness.

And it really was worth the wait. It was a gorgeous sunny day for their outdoor ceremony and I loved the blessing, which was so personal and beautifully done. My favourite part of the ceremony was a bible reading from the book of Ruth. It is not one I have heard read at a wedding before and I thought it captured the absolute feeling of love so perfectly.

Reading from Ruth

But Ruth said, “Do not urge me to leave you or return from following you. For where you go I will go, and where you lodge I will lodge. Your people shall be my people, and your God my God. Where you die, I will die, and there I will be buried. May the Lord do so to me and more also if anything but death parts me from you.” And when Naomi saw that she was determined to go with her, she said no more.

Wedding Photography at Thorpe Garden

My first wedding at Thorpe Garden, and what a great venue it is to photograph. Filled with gorgeous flowers, the lovely grounds were romantic and picturesque; just loads of little spots for great pictures. I was spoilt for choice. Millie and Alex had a ceilidh in the evening, which was such a great end to a wonderful wedding. I shall let me photos do the rest of the talking!

Supplier love: Dresses: Monsson & Reiss; Hair: Nicola Honey; Makeup: Rachel Claire Bridal; Flowers: Big Day Blooms and Cakes; Celebrant: Tracey Lewis; Cake: Mother of the bride; Ceilidh Band: Celebration Dance Band; Venue: Thorpe Garden

Mothers of the brides looking to camera,
Black and white photo of Bride and Bride helping each other get ready. Doing up each others wedding dress.
Alex and Millie getting ready in the morning. Alex fixing Millie's earring
Millie doing up Alex's dress in the window
Bride putting on shoes
Brides toasting each other with Bucks Fizz
Brides laughing together
Black and White photo of brides laughing together
Bride looking out of window
Bridal portrait at window
Both brides in a portrait looking out of window in beautiful window light
Close up of Alex with her flower crown
Millie's bouquet
Wedding cake adorned with flowers at Thorpe Garden
Old wedding photos
Guests posing
Thorpe Garden wedding venue
Wedding at Thorpe Garden
Close up of Wedding stationery in grass
Parents at ceremony, seated and smiling
Brides walking into ceremony at Thorpe Garden
Wedding photography at Thorpe Garden. Black and white photo of ceremony/blessing
Wedding Photography at Thorpe Garden. Brides seated during outdoor ceremony
A reading from Ruth at outdoor ceremony at Thorpe Garden wedding.
A reading at the wedding
Wedding photography at Thorpe Garden. Outdoor ceremony with bride and bride laughing together.
Brides walking back down the aisle. Wedding photography at Thorpe Garden
Wedding Photography at Thorpe Garden: Bride and bride walk back down the aisle after their ceremony.
Wedding Photography at Thorpe Garden. Brides walking out of ceremony. One bride with tissue to eyes. Happy tears.
Wedding photography at Thorpe Garden. Confetti photo in the sunshine
Wedding Photography at Thorpe Garden: Confetti throw
Brides hugging guests
Brides greeting guests.
Brides laughing together wedding photography at Thorpe Garden
Bride hugging guest
Man on bench with lots of children.
Wedding guests holding polaroid camera to his eye.
Close up of brides show with confetti petals stuck on the heels.
Guests take a selfie
Wedding guests in a group photo. Wedding photography at Thorpe Garden
Wedding photography at Thorpe Garden: Brides having a kiss at the gates to walled garden.
Wedding photography at Thorpe Garden. Brides laughing
Wedding photography at Thorpe garden. Couple portrait.
Wedding guest cheering and breast feeding
Bride during speeches, hands covering mouth in laughter.
Guests laughing during speeches
Bride hugs brother.
Brides kiss in the evening sunlight next to sundial at Thorpe Garden.
Shot through sundial at Thorpe Garden. Wedding photography, brides dancing together.
Wedding photography at Thorpe Garden. Two brides, portrait
Wedding photography: Brides walking up garden path at Thorpe Garden, the sunset behind them
Wedding photography at Thorpe Garden. Brides laughing together in front of walled garden, the wall adorned with pretty flowers.
Wedding guests casually looking to camera
Candid photo of bride laughing
Guests looking to camera for a group photo
Bride with her cousins
Brides with friends. Both being kissed on cheeks
Other bride with cousins
Small girl touching wedding cake,.
Brides dancing
Ceilidh dancing at Thorpe Garden
Brides in a Ceilidh dance at Thorpe Garden.

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