Wedding Photography at Mythe Barn – Abi & Ben

Wedding photography at Mythe Barn - couple portraits against autumn leaves. Bride and groom heads touching looking at each other.

Wedding Photography at Mythe Barn ~ A fun and relaxed wedding:

I really enjoyed Abi & Ben’s wedding photography at Mythe Barn. They are such a lovely couple and were great fun to work with. Their wedding was a fun and relaxed occasion and fitted their personalities perfectly. The sun was out, which just added to the super relaxed feel of the day.

The ceremony was beautiful with lots of singing and a super fun vicar who really managed to personalise the ceremony and give Abi and Ben the relaxed intimate vibe they were looking for. Abi’s mum took her heels off to sing with the band during the wedding, and the whole ceremony had a very joyful feel to it. I loved some of the relaxed photos I got of the couple during the ceremony. Like this loving relaxed unposed picture of the couple with Ben’s lovely dad in the corner of the frame.Wedding photography at Mythe Barn - couple sitting next to each other during ceremony. Hands entwined, heads touching

Abi and Ben’s favourite five:

I asked Abi to let me know what her favourite five images were from the day. This is a new feature I am adding to my blog posts, and I find it fascinating to see the pictures my couples chose and to hear the reasons why the photos mean so much to them.

As a photographer I am all about capturing emotion, and also pretty pictures with good light. It has been an absolute joy to hear why my couples like certain photos in their collection. Often its surprising to see which photos they chose. They are almost always different to my favourites and I love that. There is an added attached meaning that my couples give a given image. I think this is wonderful. I am listing Abi and Ben’s favourites below and the reasons why they like them so much. Prepare to have a little tear in your eye for number 5!

Favourite wedding photography at Mythe Barn


Abi says:

These are our favourite pictures mainly because Ben and I do not take a good photo and you made us look good but also because they capture the fun and love that we wanted to be in our wedding day.

Wedding photography at Mythe Barn - couple embrace in front of barn all lit up from inside. Bride laughing


Wedding photography at Mythe Barn - couple enter into main room for wedding breakfast


Wedding photography at Mythe Barn - close up of couple during first dance, lights reflected in window of the barn


Abi says:

The photo of my brother and sister and I is one I love because we have similar ones from each of their weddings.

Wedding photography at Mythe Barn - bride and brother and sister pulling silly faces to camera


Abi says:

The photo with us and our family on the dance floor is incredibly special to us as it shows each side of the family but also because Ben’s dad is in the background and we sadly lost him after the wedding.

Wedding photography at Mythe Barn, couple on dance floor surrounded by guests. Groom laughing


The legendary Dee Murphy:

It would be amiss of me not to talk about what a wonderful man Ben’s dad was! I warmed to him immediately. He was such a fun, kind and pleasant man. It was very sad to hear of his passing not too long after the wedding. I am so pleased he saw his son get married to such a lovely girl. He was clearly very proud of Ben and this was revealed in his speech.

Ben’s dad was also his best man, which was so touching and I can completely see why. He was clearly a solid bloke, who was loved by many and who will be very much missed. When I look at the pictures of him with his son, it brings much fondness to me – for him and for their wedding and that they could share the day with him. To Abi and Ben, I do send all my love and hope that the pictures also provide fond memories of a top man.

Wedding photography at Mythe Barn - groom with father, who is also his best man

Some thoughts from the bride:

What was the best decision you made about your wedding day? (advice to future couples)

Aside from the groom? Keep it as relaxed as possible, like any bride and groom we wanted everything to be perfect (Pinterest has a lot to answer for!) but we knew that it was easy to get lost in the detail. Our theme and venue lent itself to this but we chose not to worry about the things everyone says you ‘must have’ at a wedding and made sure that when people came to our wedding they knew it was us through the personal touches.

Is there anything you would do differently? (advice to future couples)

I’m sure most people would say the same thing but the day goes by so quickly you don’t have time to notice a lot of the things that you would change. From our day there are only a few things I would do differently, arriving on time, talking to everyone and having some cake!

On the morning of our wedding I was over an hour late to the venue which meant everything was a little rushed when getting ready. We didn’t manage to talk to everyone at our wedding breakfast as the day goes by so quickly but when I look back on our day that’s one thing I wish we could have done.

Make sure someone keeps you a piece of cake! Our friend made our cake for us and it looked amazing and we’re told it tasted amazing but we didn’t get to have any, the cut pieces were all gone by the end of the evening and we went straight on our honeymoon so the rest of the cake is still frozen in our freezer! My one last tip for all brides is to put a card behind the bar – it might just have been our wedding but the groom definitely got more than his fair share of people buying a round in 🙂

Wedding photography at Mythe Barn. Naked wedding cake, with summer fruit piled ontop

Wedding photography at Mythe Barn: Some of the rest ~ 36 photos:

I have selected 36 pictures of my wedding photography at Mythe Barn, including the three above. Its always difficult to chose just 36 favourites from a gallery of nearly 600 pictures. But I think these tell the story of the day. There are more in the slide show at the bottom of the post. I loved the bridal prep in the morning and some of the portraits of Abi are some of my favourite bridal portraits. She looks so serene and lovely. There is one quite calm and serious and another where she is cracking up in true Abi fashion. This was very characteristic of the pair.

They were lovely to photograph because they clearly had a fun relationship with lots of giggles. But were also very much in love and could give me that quiet tenderness they have for each other too. I really like some of the portraits that I got of the two of them with the autumn leaves just beginning to turn that lovely fiery orange. The sunset in the evening was rather special for this wedding photography at Mythe Barn.

Relaxed wedding photography at Mythe Barn:

Mythe Barn is a great venue. It has an elegance about it as well as a rustic charm that suited the wedding perfectly. I really liked the table decor that Abi and her mum put together themselves. Beautiful soft pink roses in jam jars tied with string laid on rustic wood. Each table also had two jars of sweets. Abi’s favourites and Ben’s favourites. I liked this touch! The naked cake was very pretty. I do love photographing a naked sponge cake with summer fruit. I took rather a lot of pictures of it!

Finally a big thank you to my second shooter Lisa Webb who was great company and also took some great wedding photography at Mythe Barn! Cheers lady!! And of Course Abi and Ben for being Abi and Ben. xxx

Credit where credit is due:

Venue: Mythe Barn | Dress: Maggie Sotterro | Hair: Louise Vickery | Makeup: Ruth Elizabeth | Caterers: Galloping Gourmet | Celebrant: Rew Hulley | Cake: Tashacakes | DJ: Dancefloor DJs and Events | Second Shooter: Lisa Webb

wedding photography at Mythe Barn - table detailAutumn leaves in front of Mythe Barntables set up for wedding breakfast at Mythe BarnFlower girl hugs bride and mum does up the buttons on bride's dressProfile of bride with mum buttoning up her wedding dressBride's reflection in mirror having last minute lipstick appliedClose up portraits of bride laughingClose up portrait of bride in window lightClose up detail of button hole on groomGroom waving to guests as he waits for bride at top of aisleBridesmaids walking down the aisle at Mythe BarnBride walking with her father down aisle at Mythe BarnBride and groom both smiling during ceremonyWedding photography at Mythe Barn. Bride and groom walking out together. Shot from balconybride hugs her friendsgroom hugs his friendwedding photography at Mythe Barn - children running aboutWedding photography at Mythe Barn - bride with bridesmaids standing in front of the gateBride with bridesmaids laughing with each other in front of treesGroom with groomsmen walking towards camera laughingWedding photography at Mythe Barn - bride and groom portraits in front of autumn leaves


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