10 from Emily & Tom | Wedding Photography at The Old Volunteer Caythorpe

Wedding Photography at The Old Volunteer Caythorpe

The big marquee that greeted us when I arrived for wedding photography at The Old Volunteer Caythorpe was not what I was expecting. This low key wedding at a pub on the outskirts of Nottingham seemed like any other big marquee wedding. Considering it was a small intimate affair with the Covid limit of 30 guests. It felt like I was at a big marquee wedding reception! The tables were laid out in a rectangle so everybody could be sat across from one another and spread out.

There were cameras at either end of the marquee transmitting proceedings from every angle to the Canadian family at home. They were all dressed up in their finest wedding attire to experience the day in a virtual capacity via zoom. It was wonderful. The family had worked wonders to make the experience really special for Emily’s parents who could not be there.

Getting ready

Emily did have her two sisters to help her through the day, and their lovely close bond was a joy to watch. It was nice seeing the two of them helping Emily into her dress and on hand to help with everything throughout the day. I have two sisters myself, so I know how special that family connection with sisters is. Emily was staying with the parents of the groom, and they had done everything to ensure the day ran smoothly. Tom’s mum Sarah had booked me and we had been on the phone several times leading up to the wedding, which had changed date more than once! So it was wonderful to finally meet her. Such a lovely accommodating family. You could feel the warmth and I love how both families near and far were involved throughout the day.


Emily and Tom are Christadelphians, so got married in their Christadelphian hall in Nottingham. I didn’t know a great deal about the Christadelphian faith so it was really interesting to get an insight into this more modern denomination of Christianity. Their faith clearly meant a lot to them and it was lovely how it was all weaved into the wedding in a special way.


I was so impressed with how they managed to include the Canadian family in the day. There were cameras and screens everywhere to capture it all at different angles. From getting ready in the morning to fireworks in the evening. Emily’s dad even walked her down the aisle. Her great uncle (who has 3 sons so has never walked a daughter down the aisle) had the privilege of taking on the responsibility. This was very special for him as he has a close relationship with Emily and Tom, having taken them both under his wing since Emily moved to the UK. However, he held the phone for Emily’s dad to experience the walk with him, which was such a lovely and touching thing to do.

Throughout the service, the Canadian family and others joined in the hymns, singing from home, whilst those in the hall could only hum under their masks. The experience was actually really moving and I had a tear in my eye as the hymns played. Emily’s dad gave a lovely moving father of the bride speech over zoom, and they chatted over the lap top with the couple during dinner.  What a super wedding day. So unusual. But so moving at the same time. I loved it!


wedding photography at The Old Volunteer Caythorpewedding photography at The Old Volunteer Caythorpe

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