The Hidden Hive

Derbyshire’s best kept secret

Steph & Tommie

The Hidden Hive wedding photography

I love The Hidden Hive. It really is one of Derbyhire’s best kept secrets and a gorgeous wedding venue for laid back relaxed weddings in the countryside. The Hidden Hive Tipis has been one of my great finds as a wedding photographer in the East Midlands.

This particular photo is one of my favourites as it takes me right back to that moment and this couple. Steph and Tommie were super fun and there was a great vibe at their wedding from beginning to end. From getting ready in freezing cold bell tents; to the bride being motored to the wedding in her dad’s sidecar, whilst playing the theme to Wallace and Gromit; to the gorgeous Tipi reception at The Hidden Hive. Not to mention, getting caught in the rain for couple portraits.

Although I took many beautiful portraits by the lake in the evening sun, which you can view further down this post. These rainy portraits remain my favourite from the day. They remind me of the fun and laughter Stephanie and Tommie were all about.

The Hidden Hive - wedding portrait of bride and groom

Don’t worry about rain at The Hidden Hive!

It was April last year that I was doing Wedding Photography at The Hidden Hive for this gorgeous couple. But it feels like a lifetime ago. Probably because I did 51 weddings last year. More than I have ever shot in one year since starting my business over 10 years ago. The weather was very mixed. Very cold in the morning, pouring with rain in the afternoon and bright sunshine in the evening.Typical British weather basically! And everything that makes a British wedding so brilliant.

I always tell my couples not to worry about the weather and just to embrace whatever strange and wonderful weather is thrown at them. Luckily I attract the kind of couples who are just like Steph and Tommie, and are generally willing to embrace the elements. But these two just went one step further.

bride and groom in the rain at The Hidden Hive

The Breakfast at Tiffany’s moment

It has always been a dream of mine to photograph a couple in the rain just getting absolutely soaked and not giving two hoots about it because they are so desperately in love. It appeals to the romantic side of my personality and my love of movies.

Think of the end scene of Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Audrey Hepburn and George Peppard embracing in the rain. Absolutely soaked. Rain dripping off them, with not a care in the world because they are so in love and have found each other. I am a sucker for a romantic movie. So that’s what I wanted from these two.

Bride and groom kiss in the rain at The Hidden Hive

As we were running through the rain to get back to the tipis at The Hidden Hive before getting absolutely drenched, I said, “Ooh just stop. This could be my dream Breakfast at Tiffany’s moment. Can you just have a passionate kiss in the rain?” They obliged me. Steph was holding Tommie’s jacket because he had been a gent and taken it off for her when it started to rain so she could protect her hair. He was holding her bouquet so she could hold his jacket. It was bright and sunny moments before this photo was taken. So I didn’t think to bring any brollies with us. I love this photo because it is romantic and impulsive and fun and just takes me back to that moment and this couple. I just love it.


Dress: La Premiere Bride | Flowers: Nadia Di Tullio | Hair: Lucy Lynch | Makeup: Sharon Cannon | Caterers: Black Peppermint | Cake: Red Velvet Bakery | Band: The Lapsed |

Bride and groom running from the rain at the Hidden Hive wedding venue in Nottinghamshire
Bride holds groom's jacket over her head in the rain
Bride and groom in the rain at The Hidden Hive
Bride and groom holding sparklers standing in front of the tipi at the Hidden Hive wedding venue

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