Nottingham Wedding Venues

Nottingham wedding venue - Inkersall Grange Farm at night

Nottingham wedding Venues

This post comes from an experienced Nottingham wedding photographer, shooting weddings all over Nottingham and the East Midlands for nearly 10 years. As a result I have photographed countless weddings at different Nottingham wedding venues. From country houses to Tipis and barns. From back garden weddings to modern contemporary venues. Therefore I decided it would be really useful to create a website page listing some of my favourite venues in each category.  With links to the multitude of different Nottingham wedding venues on my website. You can click on the links to either Barn weddings, or Country House weddings or Tipi weddings or garden weddings. Each link will take you to more information about the Nottingham wedding venues, along with some lovely pictures and further links to full weddings for you to look at.

Nottingham wedding photographer

My experience at all these venues has been really positive. And I have an insight into what sort of vibes you get at the different Nottingham wedding venues. Firstly, if you want to chat about a particular venue listed get in touch. Secondly, view some lovely wedding photography at your chosen venue. Do follow the links below to explore further or even get in touch for a little chat. I do love chatting all things wedding over a cuppa tea.

Rustic, contemporary, garden, outdoors…

Whatever feel you are after for your unique wedding experience, there are plenty of options in the Nottinghamshire area and beyond offering some fabulous wedding experiences. I have listed some of these venues below and categorised them into Barn weddings, Country house weddings, tipi weddings, Contemporary weddings, garden weddings, and farm weddings. From the outdoor tipi wedding of Inkersall Grange Farm, to the majestic elegance of Prestwold Hall. All of these venues offer a unique experience for your particular wedding. From Swancar Farm‘s rustic charm to the intimate setting of your own back garden. You can make your wedding pretty wonderful anywhere in Nottinghamshire! Read more below…